Analog Moment

by James Cox-Morton (@th3james)

About Analog Moment

Hi, I'm James Cox-Morton, but I go by @th3james online. Thanks for dropping by.

Building bicycles for the mind

Technology is the great multiplier for human endeavor. Steve Jobs captured this best in this wonderful interview:

I love what technology can enable, and I build software to be a part of it.

Technology is the best. Technology is the worst

As powerful though technology can be, it's also extremely difficult to get right. Modern software is among the most complicated things humanity builds, and as a consequence, products often fail.

On Analog Moment, I'll be examining when technology works, when it doesn't, and what makes a great product.

Things I believe

A bit about me

I spend my days building web applications, mostly in Rails and Node.js. Alongside being a developer, I also take a keen interest in UX, design, and product management.

I'm also something of an Apple fanatic (as you might have guessed from the Steve Jobs quote that opened this page). In my opinion, no other company manages to build products with such humanity and devotion to design.

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